Becky + Moy | Coldwater MI Engagement Photography

January 24, 2013 1 comment

Sweet, sweet sweet. I loved working with Moy and Becky to capture their love.   They are so much fun together!  Enjoy the images we captured at an Preston’s Antique Gaslight Village.



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Sarah and Eric: South Haven Engagement Photography

November 1, 2012 1 comment

This post is part of the “blog it up, already!” series… pulling up the sessions from this year that haven’t made it to the blog and featuring these wonderful people, since I’ve loved my time with them so much. Since you’ll be seeing Eric & Sarah’s wedding on the blog soon, I thought we’d better begin with the images from their icy engagement session in South Haven, MI.
This day confirmed to me that have the craziest/awesomest clients in. the. universe.  This day was soooo icy and snowy and I was sure I’d be getting a call from Sarah saying, “uh, let’s wait for a ‘pretty day’.” In fact, as my car spun 360 degrees on a back road during my trip to meet these lovebirds at the beach, I wondered to myself if this crazier than I thought! Once I arrived I quickly realized that it was all worth it. These two are amazing people with so much love and they were both up for ANYTHING! Within ten minutes of our shoot, I was scooting around on my butt on six inches of solid ice (I didn’t trust my feet for that!), snort-laughing and winning mad-crazy cool points (ha!) with my new found friends. They leaned easily against a railing with icicles in their back, curled together laughing as though they did sub-zero cuddle sessions every day. They even asked to go out to the end of the pier, which was a dream for me since the icicles on the South Haven pier are absolute masterpieces. To capture their sweet love was such a dream. I left this session on cloud nine… I knew that their wedding was going to be incredible. Not only was I a kid in a candy shop with their trust and appreciation for any ideas I might have, but their love for each other took my breath away! Thank you, Eric and Sarah, for such an amazing memory made together. I am so glad for the privilege!

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Downtown Detroit Engagement Session: Matt & Jen

October 22, 2012 Leave a comment

Jen and Matt were so much fun to work with.  They came with all kinds of ideas and were up to try anything; basically, they showed up to have a good time and I got to capture it on camera.  Yes!!  As huge Red Wings fans, of course one of our main stops was the Joe Louis Arena where I huffed and puffed up the steps and we got a magnificent view of the river, the bridge to Canada.  With the giant murals of legendary games and players and Jen and Matt schooled us on Red Wings history… and these two know their stuff!  We also ran around Hockeytown and the Fox Theatre, dodging a Taking Back Sunday show line and getting into all sorts of mischief.  Finishing our session in Greektown was an amazing change of scenery with soooo much to work with (although that base was already covered… helloooo… beautiful, in-love couple!)

Jen and Matt, we could not be more excited to have gotten to capture your love on camera.  Can’t wait for your wedding in September!




Jen!! Rawr!!!!  And those shoes… total amazingness.

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Family Season!

October 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Fall, football, sweaters, leaves… it’s family photo season around here!  Here are a few from the Snyder family session.



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Becky and Moy: Married!

October 8, 2012 1 comment

Becky and Moy had a gorgeous day– sunny and beautiful, but what struck me most was how much support and love they received from those surrounding them.  Even at the rehearsal it was clear–this is a tight-knit group who adore this couple.  It made me glad to get to join the love-fest!

One amazing touch to their already meaningful wedding was the remembrances of Becky’s late father that graced the wedding.  From the memorial rose that burst into bloom the morning of her wedding to the thumbprint that she wore fastened to her dress by her sisters, it was clear that they honored a great man who meant the world to his family.

Enjoy these images of their beautiful wedding day.  It was an incredible day full of so much love and laughter and, can I just say, the dancing was awesome!  Always one of my favorite parts!  Congratulations, Becky and Moy.  We loved being a part of your celebration!

psssssst!  to see images from their entire day, visit their proofing gallery here!

Becky’s father’s thumbprint in a pendant that she wore.  This rose was given to her mother by a friend to commemorate her father’s passing.  It bloomed, gorgeously, on the morning of the wedding.


Becky’s mom made this ringbearer’s pillow… sooo gorgeous!

Sparky’s was extremely dedicated to reminding everyone to relaaaaaaax.


The Ponds of Coldwater are always inviting… but today was especially gorgeous.




Gratuitous photo of the photographer doing the cupid shuffle… I NEVER PASS UP the Cupid Shuffle.

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Ashley + Keith: Engaged!

September 28, 2012 2 comments

An hour and a half with these two confirmed it– I have the best looking, most creative, easiest-to-work-with and kindest clients on my hands.  I left overwhelmed…what did I do to deserve these two!?  I had been looking forward to this engagement session since our first meeting last January, where I left feeling like I had made two true new friends.  You have to see them together to get what I’m talking about–the way he grins at her, the admiration in her eyes for him… the way they seem at ease together and it’s as if they are quietly supporting one another simply by being near.  We met on a gorgeous July evening  they loved on each other effortlessly as I crawled through the shrubbery, clicking away and squealing…. “you guys so perfect!! This light is amazing! Ahh!!!”  You know, keeping things natural and romantic.  It was a blast.

Ashley and Keith, I simply can’t wait for your stunning wedding in April!! It will be here before we know it!






Ashley is sooooo beautiful.  It took me a really long time deciding photos because, well I wanted to keep all. of. them.  Every single angle makes her look good!  Sheesh girl!

These two photos, peaceful as they may seem, are a product of me creeping too far into the bank and sliiiiiiding down toward the river.  The first one is out of focus because I was also clawing frantically at wildflowers/poison ivy to keep me out of the water.  After gaining my footing (thanks, prairie brush), I realized I was in the perfect spot… loved this framing!

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Dustin & Sarah: Virginia Beach Cavalier Wedding

September 27, 2012 4 comments

I loved getting to know Sarah and Dustin and welcomed the chance to be part of this amazing day.  From when we first photographed their engagement session in Newport News, I knew we’d be a great fit.  They remind me of Joel and myself–college students in looooove.  (For the record, being married in college is the best!).  They are adorable, and I couldn’t wait for their June wedding on the beach.  Everything was perfect! Daisies, bold colors, cupcakes, sandy feet, and lots and lots of looooove!

Dustin and Sarah have so much fun together and their wedding day really let that shine through.  With gorgeously orchestrated details and a beautiful backdrop to share their love, I was a pretty happy photographer all day!  Check out their images … I hope you enjoy!

Psst:  If you want to see the entire day, visit their proofing gallery.

Sarah, you beautiful girl!!  You made my job so easy!



Those last few moments just before the wedding are always so special–a flurry of nerves, a few deep breaths, and here we go!  Here Sarah is holding some very sentimental rose petals, ready to go down the aisle with her papa.


The petals from roses that Sarah’s father gave his little girl… now dropped down the aisle for her wedding.


Oh yes, there was a s’mores bar with a chocolate fountain.  Talk about a crowd pleaser!

Goodnight Atlantic Ocean, goodnight downtown Virginia Beach.  Congratulations to Dustin and Sarah and thank you so much for letting me be part of your incredible day!

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