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Sarah and Eric: South Haven Engagement Photography

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

This post is part of the “blog it up, already!” series… pulling up the sessions from this year that haven’t made it to the blog and featuring these wonderful people, since I’ve loved my time with them so much. Since you’ll be seeing Eric & Sarah’s wedding on the blog soon, I thought we’d better begin with the images from their icy engagement session in South Haven, MI.
This day confirmed to me that have the craziest/awesomest clients in. the. universe.  This day was soooo icy and snowy and I was sure I’d be getting a call from Sarah saying, “uh, let’s wait for a ‘pretty day’.” In fact, as my car spun 360 degrees on a back road during my trip to meet these lovebirds at the beach, I wondered to myself if this crazier than I thought! Once I arrived I quickly realized that it was all worth it. These two are amazing people with so much love and they were both up for ANYTHING! Within ten minutes of our shoot, I was scooting around on my butt on six inches of solid ice (I didn’t trust my feet for that!), snort-laughing and winning mad-crazy cool points (ha!) with my new found friends. They leaned easily against a railing with icicles in their back, curled together laughing as though they did sub-zero cuddle sessions every day. They even asked to go out to the end of the pier, which was a dream for me since the icicles on the South Haven pier are absolute masterpieces. To capture their sweet love was such a dream. I left this session on cloud nine… I knew that their wedding was going to be incredible. Not only was I a kid in a candy shop with their trust and appreciation for any ideas I might have, but their love for each other took my breath away! Thank you, Eric and Sarah, for such an amazing memory made together. I am so glad for the privilege!

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  1. November 1, 2012 at 10:53 pm

    mmmm ice! love

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