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Becky and Moy: Married!

Becky and Moy had a gorgeous day– sunny and beautiful, but what struck me most was how much support and love they received from those surrounding them.  Even at the rehearsal it was clear–this is a tight-knit group who adore this couple.  It made me glad to get to join the love-fest!

One amazing touch to their already meaningful wedding was the remembrances of Becky’s late father that graced the wedding.  From the memorial rose that burst into bloom the morning of her wedding to the thumbprint that she wore fastened to her dress by her sisters, it was clear that they honored a great man who meant the world to his family.

Enjoy these images of their beautiful wedding day.  It was an incredible day full of so much love and laughter and, can I just say, the dancing was awesome!  Always one of my favorite parts!  Congratulations, Becky and Moy.  We loved being a part of your celebration!

psssssst!  to see images from their entire day, visit their proofing gallery here!

Becky’s father’s thumbprint in a pendant that she wore.  This rose was given to her mother by a friend to commemorate her father’s passing.  It bloomed, gorgeously, on the morning of the wedding.


Becky’s mom made this ringbearer’s pillow… sooo gorgeous!

Sparky’s was extremely dedicated to reminding everyone to relaaaaaaax.


The Ponds of Coldwater are always inviting… but today was especially gorgeous.




Gratuitous photo of the photographer doing the cupid shuffle… I NEVER PASS UP the Cupid Shuffle.

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  1. mymary0913
    October 8, 2012 at 9:49 pm

    BEAUTIFUL wedding pictures of a lovely day!

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