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Sarah and Zach: Belle Isle, Detroit Wedding Photographer

Sarah and Zach’s wedding was a dream in so many ways.  I first fell in love with this couple at Adam and Rachelle‘s wedding back in September.  I was so excited for the chance to photograph their very own love fest; a nautical, bagpipe-loving wedding in a museum.

On the big day, we began at the hotel in downtown Detroit and as soon as I walked into the room I immediately felt adopted into this warm and close-knit family.   It’s moments like these that I am beyond honored to be a wedding photographer–the only non-family member in beautiful hotel room eleven stories in the sky where wedding preparations are happening.  Her only sister, Charlotte, carefully applied Sarah’s makeup, mom bustled around excitedly, and Dad looked on from his chair, dressed long ago, adoring of his beautiful ladies.   When Sarah came out in her dress, the whole room went silent, then erupted in tears and squeals.  Yes, I had some tears too.  (side note: normally on wedding days I almost forget about being pregnant–I get so absorbed into the wedding day.  There are bigger things going on!  This day, Sarah’s dad kept asking to carry my bags, making sure I was getting enough to eat/drink, etc.  I felt beyond cared for.  My own dad would have shaken his hand!)

The wedding ceremony took place at the Dossin Great Lakes Museum on Belle Isle in Detroit in one of the most unique and intricate rooms I’ve ever stepped inside–the Gothic Room.  Poignant tones of the bagpipe cued that the bride and her father had arrived, and Sarah stepped in on her father’s arm; radiant.

Sarah and Zach were thinking of their guests when they chose this venue–they wanted everyone to relax during the reception, wandering the museum, enjoying the Great Lakes’ history and munching on delicious hors d’œuvres. It was fascinating, easy-going, and unique. Wherever Sarah went, she left a trail of people exclamations, “she looks so amazing!” and “She’s so beautiful!” Thank you, Sarah and Zach, for letting me be a part of your wedding and congratulations!

To see all of Sarah and Zach’s wedding photos click here, or scroll down for a slideshow and to view highlights.

Our getting ready view:

Beautiful Sarah!!

Her incredible hair piece.  I loved the rich blue against her amazing red hair.

Did you know?  The cream colored flowers in her bouquet are made of delicately carved wood!  With the whole bouquet already being dried, she will be able to keep it forever exactly as is!

When sis saw her for the first time in her gown. 

Basically, this mirror is amazing.  I need one… it covers every angle and I loved being able to see everything going on at once!

Sarah, seriously….oh my word… BEAUTIFUL!



May I please take a moment to SWOON over the pies that were served at the wedding? TO DIE FOR.   Rock City Pies, based in Detroit, is an artisan bakery that makes the most amazing pie creations ever known to man.  These are only two of the many options that Sarah and Zach served at their wedding, but I was basically drooling just taking the photos of the flavors (and yes, I got to try some!).  Picture… Tequila lime, blueberry buttermilk, salted caramel apple… the list goes on.   The guests were raving…if you ever get a chance… make every human effort possible to find and sample these pies!


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  1. Jean Loper
    July 29, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I loved hearing your description of the day. It makes me feel like I was there. The photography is magnificent and full of special moments captured!!!

  2. July 30, 2012 at 11:23 am

    i love the ceremony location! how cool!

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