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Trash the What?

I have always loved the idea of a “trash the dress” photo session–you know, a week or even years after the wedding.  The bride, having danced the night away at her own wedding places her gown carefully in the box after the honeymoon.  Then one strange and wonderful day, she throws that antique “I’m saving this for my daughter” notion of to the wind.  She and her husband team up with their photographer for a “splashing through puddles, racing through fields, climbing the ladders and traipsing through nature” swimmingly good time and photographic jaunt.  She is relaxed, she is married, she no longer cares for the “perfect” look–and she beams.  And what is more inviting–or more rare– than a bride completely relaxed, having the time of her life? 

  This also happens to fall on perfect eyes for a photographer.  Now free of the cares of a normal wedding, the photographer gets to play with the “dessert”–the romantic bride and groom portrait photography–this time with unlimited time, fresh energy, and relaxed subjects.  The results are a dream.

Lindsay and Blake’s are a great story.  After the March wedding in Indianapolis (you may remember their good friends Grant and Violet from a few posts back), Lindsay expressed, yet again, her dissatisfaction with their wedding photography three years before.  Blake, being an astute, sensitive, and caring husband (single men take note!), secretly contacted Jennifer Buehrer of Luna Dulce Photography (with whom I frequently combine photographic services), to see if we could recreate for him and his bride the experience we provided for Grant and Violet just weeks before.  So we set to work–Lindsay knowing nothing, until the day before the session. 

 Delighted was an understatement.  She glowed.

And they were game for anything.  Enjoy!









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  1. April 28, 2010 at 2:18 am

    Fantastic.. I love the dirtied dress hem 🙂 Great work!! God Bless y’all!!

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